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SPuTNiK Show Real 2004
QuickTime Movie (18.3MB)
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SPuTNiK Show Reel 2003
QuickTime Movie (18.7MB)
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SPuTNiK Show Reel 2002
QuickTime Movie (14.2MB)
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SoYuZ VJ software The Jitter based stand alone free VJ software
Downloadable royalty free SPuTNiK MPEG4 VJ loops (can be used with the SoYuZ software)
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VJ loops
Link to The Sputnik Bulletin Board. The home forum of the New York VJ's, if you have questions regarding the SoYuZ software, it's a good place to start.
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The Sputnik Bullatin Board
The SPuTNiK On-Line shop. get your T shirts and other merchandise here
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SPuTNiK merchandise