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Soyuz free Vj software

The stand alone application os X (2.1MB)
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SoYuZ VJ software
VJ is a new developing form of visual expression and performance.
It could be found in clubs, rave parties and art gallerias.
SoYUz is the VJ's best friend for mixing his pre-made video content on the live set. SoYUz is a "video jockey" mixer for real time video manipulations in a 3D environment.

Like a DJ turntable, the VJ software mix and layer 2 (or more) different sources of video to create the "Third Image" a new image that is existing only in that point of time.

The most basic unit of the visual mix is the movie loop. On top of that, you can add a live video image into the mix or sync the video to a sound source.
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SoYuZ help (PDF file)
3.4MB PDF file
tutorial 1 pict
Tutorial No1 - basic features
15.7MB QuickTime movie