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Links to VJ events and clubs

one of New York biggest night club
dumbo arts festival logo A three-day event of fine arts and performances in Dumbo NYC crobar logo
:: Dumbo Arts Festival ::
:: CroBar ::
Annual Timelapse videography Festival
compact impact night logo t minus logo
A retail shop and event space for new technology in NYC
::Compact Impacqt Night :: :: T-Minus Timelaps Film Festival ::
An audio-visual biweekly event
bowery poetry club logo f.t.h logo
A non-profit theatre for poetry and performance
:: Bowery Poetry Club ::
:: F.T.H ::
a bar and a venue for local artists to exhibit their art
live electromedia performance environments since 1997
unitygain cpusa logo laila lounge logo
:: Laila Lounge ::
:: unitygain @ CPUSA ::
a novelty bar with a surveillance fetish
eye wash logo live performance and media since 1995 remote lounge logo
:: Remote Lounge ::
:: EYE WASH ::
ask the robot logo An evening of performance, music, and video freight lounge logo fresh, industrial-chic café in the heart of Chelsea
:: ask the robot :: :: freight lounge ::