[rift] is a video installation that allows visitors to circumvent the temporariness and two-dimensionality of video, moving through recorded time by navigating physical space. Despite the vast variety of spaces accessible by recorded video, they only exist to us in small slices of time, and only through the two-dimensional display of a flat screen. [rift] attempts to free the viewer to move through past time.
rift video installation picture
Eric Socolofsky divides his time between building interactive spaces, devising generative graphic and audio systems, and designing and programming user interfaces. His professional background in architecture informs his exploration of new concepts of space, in the form of highly mediated public installations. He is currently developing a new installation as part of his fellowship at Eyebeam's Moving Image Department.

Scott Fitzgerald is a Brooklyn based installation and video performance artist whose work examines the divide between the digital and analog worlds. He has performed his live video work for the Placard Experimental Audio Festival, High Desert Test Sites and the New York Underground Film Festival Audio+Video. Scott is presently composing a digitally mediated performance in the Ontological Theater's Outside/Input program, and is working on several performance and museum commissions.

Doron Altaratz, also known as VJ sputnik, is a Media artist, Visual Jockey and Motion Designer living and working in New York City. Born in Israel and a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications program at NYU, Doron creates exceptional artworks by digitally manipulating images, sounds and video in real time.
what is [rift]
QuickTime video
2:23 min.
[rift] was presented at :: T-Minus Timelaps 2005 ::
at Synchronicity Space 106 West 13th street, New York, NY