December 10 2002

To the QTVR part of the project
To the
Director part of the project

The final visual composition
(in Director)
The parts

BX-24 Microprocessor
"Jameco" JE23 Prototyping board
1 1/3 CCD color video camera "CCB GL5
5V DC Power supply
9V battery asPower supply
5V Voltage Regulator
2 Power supply connector
two 9-pin D-sub famale connector
10uF capacitor
1uF capacitor
10k Ohm Resistors
220k Ohm Resistors
1 "Radioshack"serial cable
"KEYSPAN" serial to USB connector
1 old "ATARI" game pedal as a controller
Core hookup wire
red and green LEDs
2 "mini" power switchs
1 RCA video connector
1 RCA video cable
1 ATI analog video to USB

The concept

My final project is a direct link to my experiments with the serial to director project
It's an visual investigation concerning real and virtual world inside and outside the computer.
The final output is the composition image on the screen controlled by a physical pad and imposing a live video
on top of a virtual world represented by a semi real QuickTime Virtual Reality movies
There are three movies of different locations in New-York, who where manipulated by adding a 3D world created
in Bryce 5.
After super imposing and reteaching the two layers in Photoshop, the new pict is imbedded back to QTVR
to make the new pano movie.
This movies are then imported to the Director movie and controlled with the "ATARI" paddle which is basically
a simple potentiometer
The potentiometer then "speaks" to the Director movie true the BX24 and serially to the Director with the serial

The BX24 and the pad
The old "ATARI" pad I got in Coney Island flea market
The BX24 code
the BX24 setup
The live video image is captured to the Director file using the analog video camera.
It's a color 30 fps camera I ordered from the internet (37$)
It comes as a board and I build the whole package for it
(power supply for it, switch, video out connector etc.)
Because it's an analog video in order to get it into to computer I used ITP's
ATI card video to USB to get the video signal into my computer USB port
The video camera