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motion design
physical computing
digital comics
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Bits manipulated. Pixels shifted. Tape stretched, cut, copied, recopied, looped. Streams of motion emerging from the aether. Endlessly morphing streams of images changing, reversing, blurring as they skip effortlessly between subjects, genres, moods, themes.

From humble beginnings in the Lumiere brothers home experiments to contemporary experiments on Powerbooks around the world, there is no question that moving images and the tools to manipulate and express with them are streaking light years ahead in evolutionary terms. The challenge now is to use these tools to push the boundaries of possibility.

Visual Jockeys or VJs are at the forefront of a new wave of art that is being created live, in real-time. Transient images flicker and multiply on screens as the work is created and constantly reconstructed, deconstructed, tweaked and fine-tuned by the artist.

Sputnik blurs the lines separating live performance, VJing and video art even further by using computer generated video sources, custom-built physical controllers and tight synchronization with audio. Like a good DJ, Sputnik keeps it fresh by constantly refining, reworking and adding new material to his sets. His sources are renewed by mining the deep veins of life in New York City, shooting his own video, sculpting his own three dimensional landscapes and hunting for the freshest clips.
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