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Compact-Impact Night is a new media and design exhibition that promotes the latest ideas and creations in technology and places them in the Japanese design and technology store Compact-Impact for public view. The idea is to encourage new media artists, designers and technologists to create works beyond the prototyping phase and to give them an outlet for presenting their works to the public; be it art, installation, interior design, product design, space design, web, toys, video manipulation, games, or music.

Compact-Impact has had a technology and design presence in New York for over three years. In hosting Compact-Impact Night, the retail store is helping to bridge the gap between concept and production by allowing new ideas to be displayed in a retail environment.With the help of Compact Impact's owners, the selected new media artists of CIN take over the Compact Impact store, turning it into an event that allows the public to view the latest in new media creations.Compact-Impact Night gives new media designers a public outlet as well as promotes the production of innovative retail products.

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